What is wealth service

What is the Wealth Service?

Simply put – the Wealth Service is our proposition for supporting your financial planning on an on-going basis.

We meet with you once a year to reconfirm the suitability of our previous advice, and we make any changes necessary.

Is It Worth It?

We charge 1% a year for our Wealth Service.

Most of our clients pay the fee because they enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have an expert in their corner, regardless of any other considerations.

But there is a tangible benefit too.

Recent studies have shown taking an on-going service from a Financial Adviser is worth approximately 3% per year, after charges.

  • Vanguard’s Adviser Alpha 2019 study – a 3% net boost to annual returns.
  • Russell Investments Value of an Adviser 2021 – a 3.95% average annual boost to gross return
  • Quilter Adviser Delta 19/20 – a 4.04% annual boost to gross return

So yes it is worth it – good advice pays for itself, many times over.

Why is On-Going Support Important?

Life changes at a fast pace, and so does legislation. Without on-going advice, a plan can quickly become unsuitable – be it the underlying investments, the tax treatment of the wrapper, or a change in circumstances which means we need a change of approach.

Good financial planning involves one meeting per year in order to review the plan, recalibrate your objectives, explore how the plan is performing against those objectives, and make any changes necessary in order to improve the overall position.

But taking advice does some other things too:


On-going advice keeps you on track. It keeps you accountable. Meeting up with your adviser at pre-determined intervals can help ensure that you stick to the plan.


You have access to your adviser at any time. We’re available to answer any ad-hoc questions as they arise throughout the year. Having the right advice, at the right time, in order to help you make the right decision, is key to maximising your financial potential.


Life is dynamic, things change. Marriage, children, divorce, unemployment, promotions, inheritance are all elements of your life that can affect your financial plan. On-going contact and advice from your adviser can help you adjust and adapt your financial plan to your changing circumstances. It keeps your financial plan relevant and effective.

Economics and politics:

Economic and market conditions fluctuate; government regulations change depending on who is in Downing Street. When things change (for better or worse) it is important to have your financial position reviewed with the changes in mind to take advantage of any opportunities and minimise and protect you from new risks.

So that’s our brief guide to the Wealth Service. We hope you’ve found it useful and as usual if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.