After the introductory call, our process is split into four steps. The following videos explain how it works and what it costs, so you know exactly what to expect at all stages of the advice journey.


At a glance

  • 60-90 minutes, Zoom or Teams
  • Free of charge


At a glance:

  • Fixed project fee, depending on complexity
  • 6-8 weeks


At a glance

  • 1% of the amount invested
  • Can be taken from any transfers, or deducted from investment amount

Wealth Service

At a glance:

  • 1% of assets we manage on your behalf
  • Capped for larger portfolios of £2.5m+

How Our Fees Compare:

A Retirement Portfolio worth £1m – Fees Comparison

Market Average Initial Fee*

Fee (%)
Fee (£)

Spiritus Implementation Fee

Fee (%)
Fee (£)

Market Average Running Costs:
Platform, Portfolio, Advice**

Fee (%)
Fee (£)

Spiritus Running Costs:
Platform, Portfolio, Advice***

Fee (%)
Fee (£)

*Which guide to Advice Fees, FCA Study 2020
**Langcat Market Report 2020
***Using a typical fixed fee platform and a ‘balanced’ portfolio

How much do you charge

How Much Do You Charge?

Most advice firms don’t have their charges on their website. It’s normally for one of three reasons: We’ve struggled with all three of those things in the past, so we get it. But we also think it’s important you know everything about us. After all, how can we ask you to trust us with your […]
What is wealth service

What is the Wealth Service?

Simply put – the Wealth Service is our proposition for supporting your financial planning on an on-going basis. We meet with you once a year to reconfirm the suitability of our previous advice, and we make any changes necessary. Is It Worth It? We charge 1% a year for our Wealth Service. Most of our […]
Wallet and cash

Why do you charge £1,000 to review a pension or ISA?

Simple answer to a simple question: We charge £1,000 to review a pension or ISA because on average, that’s what it costs us to do the review. Let me explain a little further, it’s quite an involved process. Step 1: write to the providers. We send you some Letters of Authority to sign, and when […]